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I really miss the excitement of buying lolita clothing.

I really miss a lot about being a full blown lolita. Where it was my number one priority and everything else came second.
Life was a lot simpler then..... I miss meetups, I miss the shenanigans, I miss feeling pretty I miss having the time and effort to dress lolita every monday.
I think its maybe because Ive worn all my outfits so many times, that I want something NEEEEWWWW. But my tastes keep changing, I like EVERYTHING. I want a full blown black gothic lolita outfit, I want a classical outfit, and I want to have enough accesories for deco loli.
But now that Im in college, and planning on moving out soon, money is a BIG issue.
I really wish I didnt waste all that money on and with my "friends" who just stabbed me in the back, I could have gotten a full new outfit, complete with new socks, and maybe a blouse. But NOOOOOO I had to have a life and spend it on stupid shit like going to the mall, movies, GAS! PREPOSTEROUS! =PPP
Lolita life was so much easier when I didnt have....a life xD

I dunno, Im just in a very lolita ish mood right now.

I just need to be distracted.....Im going to Mbok to look for a twinkle mermaid item, that usually keeps me busy =P

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