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Dressed up today, then took some pics and edited em.

Enjoy lol


 Please make my dreams come true and vote for me!!!



If you enter, give me your link and ill return the favor!! Thanks! <3

 I dont know why I continually look at lolita clothing on egl_comm when I dont even really dress it anymore.

I just dont have the time :(  I think its also the fact that Im rather bored with all my items, but I just dont have the heart to sell most of em. I love each of them and they each have their own story, and my great grandmother who passed away about 2 years ago helped me buy a lot of them, so....that adds to the toughness of trying to sell it.


Oh, and I dont have a paypal, so there is LITERALLY a difficulty there xD


 I fucking love Kick-Ass

and you should too.

Because its amazing.

And so is the soundtrack.

I want to BE Mindy.

That is all xD

 Havent posted in a long ass time so....

Blah :PPP


I just sent in a request to bid on a lolita jsk set......I cant believe Im buying lolita again! x3333333

Expect a lot of webcam pics from me this year with a bored look on my face, because I have lots of time to kill between classes =P

083504.jpg picture by XxcoldrealityXx

I am so BORED!!!!!!!!!!!

Super duper bored

Just chillin at hfcc, waiting for Katelyn to get out of her class so we can chill later.

A picture for your entertainment =P (moreso my entertainment because Im sitting here super bored and decided to take a webcam pic xD) Yay for shitty hair and shitty grown out bangs that dont do SHIT anymore ><
1903122.jpg picture by XxcoldrealityXx


Yep.....just sitting hur, bored.


so, Im thinking about getting a lucky pack from baby....
I havent bought any lolita in over 6 months, and I think its due time for a new outfit. I was planning on buying a pair of stomper boots and a new bikini for a total of $120 but Danny (Alex's sister) just gave me some fucking sweet platform sneakers and I think my platform shoe crave has been fullfilled (and plus the boots I was planning on buying were 7 inches tall, I had some trouble walking in the ones she gave me at first, and they are only about 3-5. I cant IMAGINE 7 inches. Eek)
But, I do need that bikini. Its pink and black and so damn cute and sexy. xD If those two terms coincide with each other =PPPP
So far the only set Im really crazy about is actually the beginners one xDDD Its just so simple and cute, and thats what I love. I can make it crazy with my own coordination skillz. =P The cake one is cute too,  but its too much for me to spend right now =/
I also really like the pirate one, just beause well, its pirate and I really love the boystyle and have been meaning to try it out for ages now, bt couldnt afford it. And its the cheapest one!

So, what do you think El Jay? Should I get those boots Ive been wanting foreva, or go a little overboard and buy a lucky pack?
Ill listen to your opinions, but Ill probably decide on my own xD Still though, its nice to hear what joo have to say.


I really miss the excitement of buying lolita clothing.

I really miss a lot about being a full blown lolita. Where it was my number one priority and everything else came second.
Life was a lot simpler then..... I miss meetups, I miss the shenanigans, I miss feeling pretty I miss having the time and effort to dress lolita every monday.
I think its maybe because Ive worn all my outfits so many times, that I want something NEEEEWWWW. But my tastes keep changing, I like EVERYTHING. I want a full blown black gothic lolita outfit, I want a classical outfit, and I want to have enough accesories for deco loli.
But now that Im in college, and planning on moving out soon, money is a BIG issue.
I really wish I didnt waste all that money on and with my "friends" who just stabbed me in the back, I could have gotten a full new outfit, complete with new socks, and maybe a blouse. But NOOOOOO I had to have a life and spend it on stupid shit like going to the mall, movies, GAS! PREPOSTEROUS! =PPP
Lolita life was so much easier when I didnt have....a life xD

I dunno, Im just in a very lolita ish mood right now.

I just need to be distracted.....Im going to Mbok to look for a twinkle mermaid item, that usually keeps me busy =P

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